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AdmiralMOD Version 1.54
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Today I got the first final of the CoD 2 Admin Mod (AMXCoD²X) skillfully by Black Shark. You can adjust and administer then directly from the play your Gameserver. After long time and much patience I can say the Mod became good. I wish to all Usern much fun with the AMX CoD² X final v1.0 //Entfernt 1.Ich had unfortunately the S&D bombs time first times removing because of (CoD² nose waits on the Patch) //Schade 1. Thus with that 4 servers simultaneous taxes goes only in the external Login. //BugFix I revised the Mod Komplet. //Addon 1. You can load your servers default CFG's now 2. you have the possibility for each type of play per server those was CFG's to to land. 3. I placed the WAIT time on 25 down (faster with to select) 4th Easy PW input for Admins and Member. 5. (variable WAIT time) heist you can to your wait instruction time on euern Ping adapt. 6. You can operate server Connect Switching # NSF team | Black Shark

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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thumbs down
I havent tried the mod. The read-me is all jumbled together. it hurts my eyes just trying to read it
Posted by iceusa on Sat. Feb. 17, 2007

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