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GCF Back2uo Mod v1.2a
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The # GCF # Back2uo Cod 2 Mod v.1.2a is now finished. Today I received the new version Back2uo Cod 2 Mod of the German town center Fighters for call OF Duty 2, the Mod offer some new characteristics in such a way can it E.G. the strength of the weapons adjust and the various announcements off of call OF Duty 2 in or switch here a list of the changes of the Mod. Innovations: (# GCF # Back2uo Cod 2 Mod v.1.2a) - Teamkill system fixed - Spawnprotektion fixed - anti camper of symbols changed - 2. Weapon selection possible - Mortar of impacts merged - skies of effects merged - airplanes fly over the maps and fell by coincidence also times - dead cries and sounds of pain from the Singelplayer merged - complete Mod recouren consumption clearly reduces Contents: - Mod weapons removes - however still deaktivert Teamkill system merged - deaktivert Spawnschautz because of a nose vorruebergehend - red one points with enemy shots on the compass is now also disconnectible visibly - server information menu inserted - Healtpacks inserted from small to large - Smokegranaten explosion nose removes - modified drop damage merged - weapon damage by Konfig adjustable - weapon limitations adjustable, only Rifle etc. - coincidence map rotation inserted - after Votemap end to a map merged - small to large map rotations can be merged in the Config, change automatically the rotation ever after player number on the server - random number generator for hand and smoke shells adjustable - map rotation/next map by message einschalbtbar - welcomes realign merged - are indicated to text message over the compass - new Healtbar of Cod1 - team status on the screen - Blood Patch - anti camper Tool - Spawn protection - 2 new weapons, tank fright with potatoes instead of shells and the G43 Scope rifle all 3 weapons are config and switch offable in that - hair cross disconnectible - red hair cross disconnectible - objects for S&D, HQ and CTF disconnectible - dead heads disconnectible - shells approach announcement disconnectible

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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