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AdmiralMod 1.50 Beta 8 (Server)
Downloaded 339 times
Es wurde eine neue Beta Version der AdmiralMod für Call of Duty 2 veröffentlicht.

New Features:

- Multiplayer-Missions (not Map limited)
- Multiplayer-Mission Edit-Mode (inside the game)
- Multiplayer-Mission-Packs (you can easy create own Missions!)
- Player-Class-System (Soldier, Medic, TNT, Artillery, Spy)
- Protected AutoDownload ON
- Sprinting: no WeaponPickup
- Grenade Pickup and Return Throw
- Rank-System (like UO)
- New Artillery (like UO + special LightEffects)
- Arm Shot: drop weapon
- Player Bleeding
- Player Healing
- Clan-Logo-Graphic on HUD
- Points settings (CTF/SD)
- Weapon Damage Modifiers *new*
- Player Damage Indicator for the Medic (red hearts) *new*
- Inactive Players - switch to spectator *new*
- New Teamkill Options *new*
- Optional: Unknown Soldier (rename)
- Optional: Damage Feedback
- Optional: S&D BombTimer
- Optimized: Votes
- Optimized: Sprinting
- Many other optimized things and optio

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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only spectate!!!...how make to work????
Posted by danu_r2000 on Mon. Mar. 1, 2010
AdmiralMod 1.50 Beta 8 (Server)
Cant pick team because they are not there? only spectate
Posted by LRRP-Jester on Fri. Apr. 21, 2006

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