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Brutal Shotgun Mod
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I've noticed some people just don't like the shotgun. I've even noticed some people get taunted because they use it online.

So I made a mod that makes the trench gun even MORE of a pain in the rump. HaHaaaa.

Here you will find four flavors of my Brutal Shotgun Mod v1:

120, 75, 50 shot and a single shot SLUG. Each version has an upgrade in power, range and spread. They each have a slightly more powerfull kick too.


by Baratski


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I like the idea....
Well, is this mod, able to added to single player missions? I just want to have some fun on single player with this one, I don't know to much about this stuff, but am able to follow directions rather well... thanks fellas
Posted by Greatstuff on Fri. Apr. 6, 2007
hi guys,, i am new to mods too but, i like this one veeery much,,, so i was thinking to make a mod myself ,, but ,, i aint got no doomed idea how,,, could any1 plz help me here??
Posted by Charlone on Sat. Jan. 13, 2007
How to get this mod to work:
Place in your call of duty 2/main directory, if it still dosent work, add the following to the front of the file name:


This means it'll load last and overpower the existing game data for the shotgun.
Posted by sk8r196 on Mon. Jan. 1, 2007
Jwall you know how to let it work,,, tell me where do i put it ?? ??
Posted by Charlone on Sat. Nov. 11, 2006
cant get it too work
sorry im asking but how do you get this mod to work you should put an install readme in the file
Posted by nickp on Wed. Aug. 30, 2006
this is one of the most BFG's that i like
Posted by max_kinslay on Tue. Feb. 7, 2006
Nice mod
You are evil  Everybody should try this one great work.
Posted by juniorsdaddy on Mon. Dec. 19, 2005
heh....found out how stupid I am, sorry for the post.
Posted by JWall227 on Sun. Nov. 27, 2005

I'm kinda new to mods, but I downloaded this and put it in my main folder for CoD2, but it doesn't work. I have to be doing something wrong, but what?

I've tried putting the files themselves there, and the whole folder...but nothing. Help? lol

Posted by JWall227 on Sun. Nov. 27, 2005
Now Im really gona get annoyed with shot gun users !!! LOL

Again great idea !
Posted by paulo88 on Wed. Nov. 23, 2005
Oh your evil!  Good idea though.
Posted by amishthunder on Tue. Nov. 22, 2005

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