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1) Deutscher Flughafen UO (German Airport UO)


Allies must take over a German Airport.


Map Features :


Exploding Benzin Barrels with Sound and Damage ( Barrels fly to the Air
when they Explode)


9 Stukas placed near a Tank Station , you can place a Bomb at the
Tankstation . When they Explode all 9 Stukas Blows up in a Chain Reaction.


A Bunker that can Blow up with placing a Bomb .


Usable Vehicles


Sound Effects


The Map is for 32 Players


Gamemodes : DM/TDM/S&D/HQ/DOM/CTF


Map by DW-Guy-Tree/DW-Schoko99

by DW-Guy-Tree/DW-Schoko99


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