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CoDUO Mapping


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CoD2 Sounds for CoD Mod
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This mod changes most of the weapon sounds in CoD to the weapon sounds from the CoD2 demo! It works both online and offline so give it a try!


by Tim James - aka Tim451 () (website)


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Not illegal... Think about it this way: CoD2 is made by the same developers as CoD1 & UO so that means the sounds, etc are made by the same people... So technically it isnt illegal...
Posted by Tim451 on Sun. Jun. 18, 2006
Isn't this illegal, technically speaking?
Posted by SparkyMcSparks on Mon. Nov. 21, 2005
Final Version
I am planning on releasing a final version of the mod when CoD2 comes out which will include the full set of weapon sounds, plus other sounds... I plan to release a UO version too... I may also release a seperate mod with some of the CoD2 weapon models although this is only a maybe...
Posted by Tim451 on Thu. Sep. 29, 2005

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