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Saving Pirvate Ryan Bridge
Downloaded 324 times

Here we have an ACTUAL realistic WWII bridge, modeled after the one in the last scenes of Saving Private Ryan. Hope you all enjoy it. Drop a rating after you download it, thats all i ask.

by Jeremy Snook (email)


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great job
great job fat ass stranger! u really should not unlike this rating u not not fat non cool guy thats not from this not planet. i do not not not like this un non cool bridge! great un not job!
Posted by dragon_fang1551 on Mon. Jul. 25, 2005
hey thanks guys. i just noticed that i mispelled private wrong. sorry. and i think i might come out with another version of this one soon.
Posted by couram450 on Mon. Jul. 25, 2005
Saving Pirvate Ryan Bridge



Your prefab looks nice. The community can use these great prefabs.


Posted by mapper on Sun. Jul. 24, 2005

Looks very nice, except you should have made the brickwork on the arch natural, and not caulked the bottom of the bridge, and the player could walk down the path.

Great work anyway,


Posted by supersword on Sat. Jul. 23, 2005

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