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Bloody Factory 1.1
Downloaded 22 times

This map has 2 factorys and a generator building. An unknown creature has
killed off some humans and is using it as a storage area for the bodies. Only the creature can jump over the wall, so for humans once yer in, yer in. One
room consists of bodies while the other rooms are realitivily neat. Then in
the red steel building there are a few more bodies. Theres a river that runs
around the map in a L shape. Theres a buggy and a airboat.

This map has now been updated to version 1.1 If you have downloaded the original then please redownload this and install over the old one. I appologize for this but there were just a few bugs that really needed attention.

by MasterChief


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ok i kno i shouldnt point it out but i am, i made this map and i am making V2 and i see ppl have downloaded it or at least rated it. i feel like a noob but one or 2 computer desks are not on the ground. and i found a ground spike (a bit of ground where it looks like a spike and its not supposed to b there) my friend tested the map in game and i looked over it and fixed any bugs he reported and aparently we both missed them. there small problems but i just wanted to point them out so ppl kno that i kno they are there. i hope this doesnt effect my mapping skills too much, the version 2 will have all those bugs fixed and a few more special toys to use.
Posted by on Sat. Jul. 16, 2005

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