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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping
is this place alive?
CoDBO3 Mapping
Call of DutyŽ: WWII
CoD WW2 General


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Sounds and FX examples
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Feel free to use any of these objects, fx, sounds, scripts etc
I spent many hours making sure all this works correctly both in single player and multiplayer modes, there are no known problems with dedicated servers either.
Enjoy the learning experiance and please pass this on to others who want to learn how to make Cod/Uo maps and add some ambience or scripted fx to them.

So what is this stuff?
Ok many people have had trouble adding custom sounds in their maps, the process is not hard once you know how. This pack contains an example map in pk3 format that you can plonk into your UO directory and load it up as a new local server in DM gametype. The maps name is MP_Levels in green text in the maplist window. There is all the scripts, fx scripts, sounds included to show you exaclty how it all works, and a .map file to load into the map editor so you can see how it's done by importing the .map file into your editor.

There are four spots shown in the map as -A- -B- -C- -D-
-A- is a spot water sound good for pond and lake shores,
-B- is a spot custom combination of frogs and crickets for your lake :)
-C- is a softer single cricket ambient sound, good for under bushes etc,
-D- is the damaged light pole with problems, it sparks and strobes a short burst of light at random timed intervals, it also plays a quick sound to emulate a short circut.

by Mark Paterson aka <|WHC|>Grassy (website)


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lol.... i've got 500 most of the time...
Posted by DarthDuval on Fri. Jul. 31, 2009
176 fps? HOLY CRAP!!!
Posted by mkiller08 on Sat. Oct. 11, 2008

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