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This would be my first map. just something i did off the top of my head. i tried my best to make it as detailed as i could. the pictures say alot, I have played on it with other people its a good map lots of cover, you are able to get on all the roofs walk on pipes. Will definitly be a good rifle map. right now i am fixing my mistakes in the map and will add it soon. hope all you guys like it.

by Smoke29 (email) (website)


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ya i agree with that, and ya there are a few errors yet, still trying to find them and what not. :) and thanks
Posted by Smoke29 on Fri. Jun. 3, 2005

Ah, it's pretty good for a first map, even though there are some minor errors (some untextured areas, some unconnecting textures).

I would've liked to see some more exits to the great hall with the boxes, as now there is no point in going up the far end, I think.

Posted by kweniston on Fri. Jun. 3, 2005
hmmm guess its a beta LOL be done soon :)
Posted by Smoke29 on Thu. Jun. 2, 2005

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