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Logviewer for Call of Duty serverlogs
Downloaded 176 times

Logviewer v1.0 by The Caretaker

What is the logviewer?:
The logviewer is a program written for extracting chat messages out of
Activisions Call of Duty logfiles. All the chatmessages can be extraced, including the
chats for teams only and the voicecommands. I've also added a small statistics
generation, showing things like ratio, number of teamkills and percentage headshots for the selected player.

The workings:
- Open the program
- Click on the "Open Logfile" button.
- Select the logfile you wish to open.
- Wait a while, while the program reads the logfile and adds all the players to it's database
- Select what you want to see from the logfile:

- Chat: Will generate the chat from the logfiles.
- Normal Chat: Shows the normal typed chat (T ingame).
- Team Speach: Shows the teamspeach (Y ingame).
- Voicecommands:Shows the vouicecommands (V ingame).
- Player(s): Select up to two players from which you want to see the selected chats.
If you want to see all the chats don't tick this option.

- Info player: Select a player to view some info about that player.
- Info Weapons: Shows a detailed list of all the kills per weapon.

- Press "Generate From Log" to have the options you selected generated from the logfile.

- The "Save" button will save the current text in the window to a textfile.
- The "Close" button will obviously close the program.


The program was designed for small logfiles (up to 20 MB) though it will also work on
much bigger logfiles, it's advised not to do this, because it will take ages for a large logfiles
to be read by the logviewer.

On the player info pages the "Times on winning team" and "Times on losing team" are always "0"
because these aren't read from the logfile yet.

Feel free to share this program with anyone as long as you include this readme file.

Comments and/or suggestions about this logviewer can be emailed to:

caretaker@xlr8or.com, with in the subject line: "Logviewer"

by The Caretaker () (website)


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Logviewer ?
Where do you find the log ? In the ftp or some other place.

Posted by isufan on Fri. Jun. 8, 2007

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