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MINAS_TIRITH_MTL created by RAKEKNIVEN(MTL) aka Dave Harper. DM TDM BEL HQ CTF DOM. This is the 3rd original LORD OF THE RINGS based map created with a WW2 feel to it. This version has music as ambient sound, another version will be released soon with no music. there are 4 levels, only the top 3 are playable, and there are many hidden ladders. Nearly every roof is accessable making this a great sniper map. The size of this map is huge, but in CTF & DOM game types, it uses only half the map. This is the largest map I have every built, or will ever build.This monster took 300 agonizing hours to build, and the top level is nearly exact as the model in the movie. Enjoy, RAKEKNIVEN(MTL)

by RAKEKNIVEN(MTL) aka Dave Harper


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great map
I have played on it - there are hidden ladders everywhere - or should I say invisible - a hidden room - and places u can jump on ot get higher! It's wonderful!!
Posted by gypy on Sat. Jan. 27, 2007

To be honest, I havn't played on this map yet, so I don't know wheather its good or not.

Posted by Hamid on Thu. Dec. 29, 2005
How do I access this map?
I've downloaded ALL the Middle Earth maps, and love playing in them when I find a server with 'em -- but I can't get a server to start up using them, as the maps just don't show up in any of my game-types.

How do I get this thing to run on a server?

Posted by effingham on Mon. Aug. 22, 2005
Hi hopefully you can help have downloaded the map put it in the right directory but in the multiplayer map menu game dont show any ideas why?
Posted by gktaker on Wed. Jul. 20, 2005

I decided to download all 3 of the LOTR maps yesterday, and when I came to Minas Tirith, I was struck just by the sheer size of it. All I can say is...wow!

Posted by thmapper on Sat. Apr. 9, 2005

My Son and I have just downloaded this map and had a good look around but not yet tried it with other players on...   WE ARE IN SHOCK !!!!!

Absolutely amazing work.  how on earth can someone create something like this?  Not only that but how does it run so smooth on our medium spec. PC?

We are shell shocked!

Posted by Azz on Sat. Apr. 9, 2005
Excellent stuff, again. This is map making at the best.
Just walking around the map is fun. It's l'art pour l'art, essentially. Map making just for the map making.

A cnq type game on this with 64 players would be incredible! Conquering Minas Tirith, starting from the ground...

Posted by kweniston on Sat. Apr. 9, 2005
sweet nice job keep it up 
Posted by modbrick on Fri. Apr. 8, 2005
Screenshots come true

I saw the screens here on the web. But this is more then great.

I love it and i'll run this map on my server :D

Posted by Paultje118 on Fri. Apr. 8, 2005

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