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Germans have conviently placed themselves and thier base on top of a center hill. You must eliminate these fortifications or defend them. Allied start from behind cover in a fair amount of trees and trenches are lined up the hill along with other obstacles. Germans must defend their base by any means nessacary. Player limit is only the amount of people your server can hold, I reccomend around 32 players. The map is about the size of brecourt. Expect some heavy fire.


by AmishThunder (email) (website)


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Lag abit too good map ...hope you get it all fixed...
Posted by ltw on Wed. Mar. 30, 2005

I had al this working at my house, I'll have to redo the spawns and while im at it connect the split terrain. :(

Edit:  I found my TDM spawns did not have mp_ at the beg. of the classname. The person who i asked to test it will not have a good day today.  Its a quick fix and I'll rerelease this,  If you plan on putting it on a server wait for the next one pls.

Posted by amishthunder on Sat. Mar. 26, 2005

can't seem to get it to run in TDM it wll run in DM butwon't load in TDM.


Posted by Moto on Sat. Mar. 26, 2005

Ahh crap, I'm gonna have to look into this, worked fine for all my computers. Thx though.

Edit:  I deleted all my custom maps and renamed the modding folders so the game wont reconize them the editor has no probs and everything is fine in-game.  If we could get stryder or folyman ect. to look at it then.  The border terrain is slightly split but not enough to affect gameplay, i noticed that after i sent it out.
Posted by amishthunder on Fri. Mar. 25, 2005

I liked the bunkers the best. I noticed alot of errors in the terrain and for some reason, alot of the terrain was grey...like I didnt have the texture ?

Posted by Toasty on Fri. Mar. 25, 2005

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