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Doom Chronicles - Beta
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This is the working list of NEW FEATURES!

Here are some of the new features we bring to Doom 3 with this exciting mod!

-A brand new, Huge SP Campaign. Spanning 4 large Chapters, and a varriety
of different locales.

-A Gigantic list of new Weapons. Each chapter will bring new, and interesting
weapons into the Doom 3 Universe.

-AI Squad! A fully functional, inteligent squad will help you through the
campaign.... And you're going to need the extra help ;)

-We have completely re-done the damage system, to create much more intense

-New characters, some of which you will get to control throughout the campaign!

-MANY improvements and tweaks to the engine, and to the game. Including Graphics,
sound, and physics!

-New Actions! Including Alternate Fire, and Fire mode selectors for weapons!

-New Enemies!

-Full use of D3's Physics! You can now interact with the enviroment like never

-And much, MUCH more!!!

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