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Abbey St.Juste
Downloaded 528 times

Abbey St.Juste

Is My First Bash At CoD Mapping Though I've Done Mapping For HL,CS & DoD
I Have To Say It's Been Fun...At Times Quite Stressful Too.....
This Is Version Two Of The Map As You Will See Its Been Opened Up
A Lot More....Hope You Njoy It!!!!!

This Map Is Not An Original Idea But Came From A CS Map "cz tide"
I've Done Some Moddin' Too It As You Will See....
This Second Version As Far As I No Does Work With S & D

The Map Is A 40 Man Spawn (thats 20 aside....both in TDM DM SD mode)

I'v Used Some Custom Textures Feel Free To Use Them In Ya Own Maps
All I Ask Is Just A Mention To The Fact I Created The Textures.

Hope You All Njoy

Game Type [ Dm,Tdm,Sd]

Big Mentions To The Clan At Spratbashers For The Support AdE Hazel & The Crew
And A Big Shout To StrydeR & Foyleman At "Mods On Line" For Their Help

ReGarDz [Sb-uK]-=SHaDoW=-

Contact Me At

 http://www.spratbashers.com .... shadow@spratbashers.com
 http://www.cod-recon.co.uk  .... shadow@cod-recon.co.uk

 Or "PM" me at SpratBashers  / CoD ReCon

by [Sb-uK]-=SHaDoW=- (email) (website)


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