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CoD4 MP Mapping


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Higgins boat
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here u go guys

im re uploading this by popular demand :) as the other one went missing.

To the guy who wanted it i hope you enjoy it, plz feel free to edit as you plz but some credit would be nice if used in a map as is.

cheers ben

by {URC}Rct.Annoyed|CoD| (email)


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hey dude. i was just wondering how i get this model to work in my call of duty maps. thanks for your help.

Jeremy Snook

Posted by couram450 on Sun. Jun. 12, 2005
i would be mate thats what im looking for but dont have the time to do it

i think you should wink wink :P
Posted by Mystic on Fri. Feb. 18, 2005
a map witha working higgins boat
If anyone is interested in a map with a working higgins plz inform me and if the interest is high enough i will knock one up and upload it here at mods online

cheers ben
Posted by AnnoYeD on Wed. Feb. 16, 2005

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