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run artillery on maps
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Call of DutyŽ: WWII
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Snow singleplayer map by Phantomdentist
Downloaded 976 times
A singleplayer map where you are fighting alongside many allies. This map is aimed at being more like a stock codsp map

by Phantomdentist (Tai Havard) (email)


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Great map, i really enjoyed it!
Posted by Scoob_ on Thu. May. 18, 2006

Can somebody please help me.

I can't seem to get this SP map to run.

Everything is in the right place. I have adjusted the shortcut properly,

but only the map's splashscreen shows, and then the game freezes.

I've tried loading the map from the console, and i've tried adding the command to the shortcut,

but in both cases the game only loads the splash and then freezes up.

I was SO looking forward to playing this map! *sigh*.

Posted by Bushdoctor on Thu. Dec. 15, 2005

Keep up the good work myfriend!

I loved it! SO darn enjoyable!

Posted by Lehmann on Wed. Sep. 21, 2005
SP Map

I think it was a cool map... I didn't have any problems at all with it and it was fun :)

- When the fence fell down I though it would be funny if I stood under it... so I re-loaded the game and I got stuck lol.

- I think it would be cool if there were some British special forces and Russian snipers helping out so you could choose to be American, Brit, or Russian.

- Maybe you could make it longer?

- Co-op would be awesome too, especially if it was longer.

- I like how you did the end...

Thanks :)


Posted by Nixx on Sun. Apr. 24, 2005
its ok
Posted by zanpha16 on Fri. Apr. 1, 2005
sorry but it fails to play on the Mac...
Posted by striderdm1 on Sun. Feb. 27, 2005
good map, a few errors....but mostly some fun
Posted by Toasty on Sat. Jan. 22, 2005
you need to start coduo with a modified shortcut so create a short cut
of coduosp.exe if you don't already have one. Back click on it (right mouse button) and select

add this to the Target

+ set g_connectpaths 1

so the line should look like this if coduo is installed to the default directory

"C:\Program Files\call of duty\CoDUOSP.exe" + set g_connectpaths 1

notice there is a space between the close speechmark and the +

start coduo with the shortcut you just made

Quoted from the readme.

I suggest you just put in the targetpath:
"C:\Program Files\call of duty\CoDUOSP.exe" + set g_connectpaths 1 + map snow

This executes the map immediatly too.

Nice map, especially when you did it in 3 weeks. Only problem was at the part where mortars where zero'ing enemies, I was coincidentally at the wall where the truck came smacking down the wall. I got stuck. Lol.
Posted by Dragon on Sat. Jan. 22, 2005

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