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New BF2 Mod
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A little mod that was done with a mate which involves :-

Silenced sniper rifles
Fully automatic hand guns (Very fast indeed)
Grenades are more potent (artillery impact with 50 foot fire ball)

Hope this little mod pleases the power hungry masses out there.

by Stev0 (email)


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its good to see that im not the only one who trys this stuff in '07. hehe
Posted by fancyladdy on Sun. Apr. 29, 2007
is this a server side only mod or dose it rewrite the pac files in the clinet side to?
Posted by db853 on Sat. Apr. 14, 2007
Error Message
When I run a server with this mod I get an error message, "Cannot Find 'xanim/c_pb_crouch_walk_right_loop_rocket'"  Any ideas to fix this problem?  Thanks
Posted by haws24 on Thu. Jun. 9, 2005
 put this in ur uo folder located in programfiles>callofduty>uo .......make sur take the file out of the folder and put it in the uo folder
Posted by amr12391 on Sat. Mar. 26, 2005

I agree. Its no good putting a mod up when you don't explain how to install it in a server.

Posted by ibanez on Tue. Mar. 15, 2005
UO CrazyGuns
where do you put it and how do you make it work
Posted by TheTerminator on Sun. Mar. 6, 2005

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