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Revolt v15
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Readme File:
.1x “IRAQ” is the first installment of global combat. Each release will
progress in a .X and will feature additional weapons, new campaigns of
maps, new teams and additional features to go beyond what’s available.
We will also release .XX patches in between full builds to refine and
fix current content based on findings.


Revolt .15 is a complete installation. All previous versions of Revolt
and any other Revolt content must be erased from your hard drive. We
recommend using the provided Revolt uninstallers to remove both .11 and
.01 then after deleting the Revolt folder that is located in your Call
of Duty root directory. This will ensure a smooth installation of
Revolt .15. If you are having issues installing and getting Revolt to
work properly please see our Frequently asked questions and Quick Start

This version is not a patch, it’s a Master Build and has all of what you need to play Revolt!


The Revolt Development team has been holding onto the cleaned up
content and fixes to introduce an expansion to the IRAQ Theater. It is
very important to us to get the .1x series clean and remove those small
frustrations from version .1, but we felt our deficiency in maps and
well rounded playing field was part of that frustration as well. We
understand the delay is a frustration in itself, but we are regular
game players too and want a strong game to play while waiting for .2 to
surface. We are committed to Revolt and work countless hours to create
the best possible game we can. The future of Revolt is not set in
stone, and the direction solely depends on how much of what we imagine
can actually be done. We thank all of you who have supported us and
continue to do so. Revolt Continues Alpha stages….


These fixes were listed previously in the .11 Readme. We pretty much went down the list and got most of it all cleaned up.

- Enhanced weapon menu selection overhaul

We put in what is the beginning of profile selection menus. When you
join a server, you will start out spectating and by hitting escape the
team selection menu shows. After choosing your team, you will be
prompted to pick your character. This menu only shows when joining a
server or changing teams. After which you will have to select your
primary weapon, accessory then side arm in that order. This system is
early and will be adjusted based on review.

- Increased timer

We’ve noticed many were struggling to select their weapons in the 5 second delay so we increased the timer to 10.

- pop-up menu

The annoying menu popping up, stopping you from chatting in between
rounds has been eliminated. You can press the esc key to select your
weapons at any time.

- A way to filter for Revolt Servers in Join server menu

All Revolt supported game types have been given a REV_ prefix for easier filtering servers.

- Made Team Say Radio Calls local to team (opposition cannot hear them)

We believe this gives team orientation an extra edge and opens up the potential of radio communications in .2.

- Fixed end round delay for Team Elimination

- Turned off all Stock Call of Duty weapons on Stock maps

Instead of permanently turning off the panzer and fg42 we found it to
be a much better approach to replace them with modern warfare. On the
server side you would still call the panzer and fg42 per map, but the
results are an rpg and dragunov sniper rifle.

- Replace M9/Tariq and Grenades with new animations

The only weapons in .1 that were 1st generation are gone! All of which were redone with custom animations.

- Add reload empty animations

We were unable to complete the entire set of reload empty animations,
and with half of them done, it would cause game play imbalance due to
timing differences. This item is on going and should make it’s way into

- Repair all Bayonet placements and new stab animations

The bayonets now have their own purpose, giving a different view of the
weapons and appealing to some player’s perspective. The stab animations
are much better, but will require further enhancements.

- Further enhance campaign map optimizations

The 3 Iraq campaign maps were further optimized for overall better
performance. An exploit on hizabala, where you could leave the map has
been removed as well as the ability to get around the apache on mud was

- New M4 reddot animations

The M4 reddot was totally redone.

- New AK47 placements and animations across the board

The Ak47 reload look as if it was in slow motion and the iron site
placements were crooked. It may not have affected game play, but it was
an annoyance to plague us since release.

- Fix overall placements on all weapons

A lot of time was put into thought on how to make the weapons more
balanced in terms of site obstruction. We made some major adjustments
at hip and iron sites to lean towards a closer match on both ends. This
process will take time as Revolt evolves, and it takes many playing
hours to decide on what’s closest. We will continue to work on this
issue as we roll out releases.


- Radio Call censor switch

- minimize button

Revolt .15 New Features:

Capture the Flag (REV_CTF)

Every great fps game has it, so why should we be any different? CTF is
a great arena based game type that truly brings out the best in team
work. Your objective is simple: Retrieve the opposition’s flag from
their base and defend your flag simultaneously. This is not a one man
objective, use those radio calls, create and lock down a perimeter and
setup a strategy to be offensive and defensive. This game type is in
very early stages and requires tons of play testing for fine tuning.
Help us get this one right!

Capture the Flag Maps (CTF_map name)

We have decided to make yet another branch of maps that would be
somewhat symmetric and be completely tailored to the CTF game type.


Tocu is a huge island with a fortress on both ends with low elevation
for each team to rest their flag. Make your way to the opposition’s
base by climbing the hill to a small town and scoping out the enemy’s
defense while fighting off their offense.


We also added support for CTF on 3 of our symmetric LAN maps to accommodate a low client server.






Infiltration takes place in the middle of an Iraq city underground
network of illegal arms storage. As a marine your objective is to blow
the bunker at 1 of 2 key points to destroy and expose the facility
completely. As a resisting soldier, you must stop the aggressive force
from taking your operations down.


This Benjamin Bauer contributed map, from Navy Seals q3a mod, was
totally overhauled to fit Revolt. This huge map takes place in a Middle
Eastern city with an oil pipeline running through it’s heart. The
resistance plans to bring terror to the aggression occupancy, while the
aggression must secure the city from terrorist activity.


Another Benjamin Bauer contributed map that was totally overhauled to
fit Revolt. Industrial Park is weapons facility where the Resistance
must destroy evidence before being ceased by the UN.

-REV_Desert Ruins

Another Benjamin Bauer contributed map that was totally overhauled to
fit Revolt. Desert Ruins is an old archeological digging site where the
Saddam requiem hid weapons of mass destruction. US Marines found these
weapons and must protect them awaiting the support team. The Resistance
must destroy all evidence before the cover gets blown wide open.



While testing out our 2 new SMG’s we created a training map for in your
face CQB. This map is another installment to our LAN map series and
takes place at a 1 story maze of a semi-complete framed out building.
The walls haven’t been insulated or wired and the roof trusses have not
been placed yet. This map truly demonstrates the need for the all
mighty smg!


We just had to expand our arsenal to make a more diverse playing field.
With the introduction of 2 new side arms, 2 new primaries and 2 map
pickup based weapons, we feel the IRAQ campaign is complete from a
weapons point of view.

- MP5 Aggression

- Uzi Resistance

The smgs bring balance to the field and gives the player the extra
option to play more aggressively mowing down the enemy at very short

- Glock Aggression

- P99 Resistance

These two additional side arms are added for preference purposes. While
the attributes are quite similar to the 2 core pistols, it really
depends on the player’s choice and won’t affect game play or balance.

- Dragunov to replace the FG42

- RPG to replace the Panzerfaust

Weapons placed on maps are something to fight over. The RPG is just
about identical to the Panzer in terms of attributes, while the
Dragunov is a full fledged Revolt sniper rifle that otherwise wouldn’t
have made it’s way back in if not to replace the silent FG42 that drove
us all crazy on stock maps.


We expect issues to arise and are prepared to battle them away with a
patch or two in a timely fashion. We do apologize for having to release
a full installation build, but with the weapon limit, re-works and the
amount of new content, a patch would not have been much smaller and
pretty sloppy. The foundation we released with .15 should carry us well
and make a smooth continuance throughout the summer.

Thank you all for Revolting with us and we look forward to a lasting battle!



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