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Amberville 2
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Amberville is a village set in the Swiss Alps. Because of it's access by road & rail the town is used by the German Army as a command & supply point for troops heading into Italy & Africa. The Allies fly regularly over it on there way back from bombing targets in Southern Germany. The German command has decided it's time to install anti-aircraft equipment such as searchlights & anti-aircraft guns to hinder the air route. The Allies intelligence has intercepted this & now must take action, deep behind enemy lines.

Whats new:

Underground tunnel system

Chateau is now open

Few extra rooms & passage ways through the station & hotel

Allies house has a cellar & tunnel leading to the chateau

The river can be jumped into but you will die

All lower windows are accessable either by standing or crouching to get through

Pretty sure all fences are able to be jumped over

Town House now has balconies & lower room

The road tunnel under the clock tower is now accessable

Maps borders are clearly defined now, no more pop up messages & clip

No clip on rooftops near river

Few new locale sounds including clock tick & chime every 15 mins

New water

More inside lights with changed lighting values

Some shadows have been enhanced

Changed the world spawn settings

Changed spawn points

Moved the S&D placements

Changed & added positions for HQ radios & Retieval

Multiple intermission cameras

Ladders should work better

Portals have been changed

Some info:

The map is based on a Behind Enemy Lines scenario, it supports all current stock gametypes.

There are 64 Tdm & 32 Dm spawn points, 27 HQ Radios & 15 spots for Retrieval.

Being in the Alps I haven't used any fog I would assume the air is clear.

There aren't any secret passages as they ain't a secret when ya find em :)

Feel free to use the Amberville custom textures most are modified stock textures.

The map name is in reference to the amber liquid I consumed while thinking about the map.

by Gerard De Natris (email)


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