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mp_office - CoD:UO Map!
Downloaded 530 times
A completely indoor map, original setting, and intense gameplay! Made for small battles or large, has been played on with 12 vs 12 and it still played nicely; it is a medium-large map.

Gametype Support: DM, TDM, CTF, S&D - I'd recommend CTF. CTF has got to be my personal favorite as it makes for the most intense gameplay moments on the map. The map is somewhat linear, there are two routs to get to the other team's base. So there is always an epic clas in the center of both points which makes for somewhat of a "battlefront." Any time you capture an enemy flag, while you are returning it they usually push your team back into your base to the point where now you have your back against the wall and have to battle your way out. Very balanced gameplay. However, all gametypes work and work well :).

Map by Jdawgg - |TGO|Jdawgg to be exact! Visit our clan site!

Thanks for checking out my map, it's my second CoD map ever, first one releasing!


by Jdawgg () (website)


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