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CoD: Battle Royale
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-=[AP]=- Division
Downloaded 1020 times
Modern office and warehouse, good combination of close combat, sniper and vehicles. Plays DM TDM BEL.
Repaired, thanks to Beer_Golem.

by Chalkie (email)


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Thanks AJ, i had a great deal of help from a very patient StrYdeR.

Posted by Chalkie on Sun. May. 22, 2005

There are currently 4 of us at work playing this one and we all agree they dont come much better than this. It's got everything. Well done.

Posted by AJ on Thu. May. 5, 2005
WOW, Thanks for the good comment, glad you like it.
Posted by Chalkie on Thu. Feb. 24, 2005
this is the best map i have ever played on:-)
Posted by Simenson4 on Tue. Jan. 11, 2005

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