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CTF Prefab!
Downloaded 1114 times
This is a prefab containing all the necessities to adding Capture the Flag gametype to your map. It includes all the triggers, flags, models, AND spawn points you need to get it working!!! Now, of course, you will probably want more than just two spawn points for each side (I only include 2 per side) but I think you can all do that on your own! However, if you import this into your map and put the bases where you want them, you should be able to test. You can move the spawn points whereever you want, and you can also move each base wherever you want, I'd recommend keeping the 9 entities (not counting spawn points) that make up the base together, however, otherwise you might run into some problems.

READ THE README!!! It explains why you might be having trouble testing! Oh, and by the way, you are welcome! :)

by Jdawgg (email)


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even though it crashes my radiant....it would still be helpful O_o
Posted by new2this on Sat. Aug. 19, 2006

Good Job on this prefab, really usefull.

I just want to say at everyone they will donwload this prefab dont forget to add a ctf_intermission in them map if they want that work.

thanks med!c

Posted by med!c on Sat. Aug. 13, 2005

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