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Heroes 7 Part 3 and 4
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DHC Hanger
Downloaded 33 times
This is a remake of Hanger, the first level of Doom. I started with the same basic geometry, and worked out from there. This is my first D3 map, so it basically served the purpose of letting me get used to the editor. There are some new things, from doors, to pdas, to secrets. It is based on the monsters that are in the game at Ultra-Violence difficulty. To play, just go into "Load Game" from the D3 Main Menu, and choose "DHC_HANGER_START." Have Fun.

Title : DHC Hanger
Date : 10-28-04
Version : 1.0
Filename : dhc_hanger.pk4
Author : krankymonkee
Email : krankymonkees@hotmail.com

by krankymonkee (email)


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