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wcanka aweuo v1.0beta2
Downloaded 584 times
Server side modification for Call of Duty multiplayer, United Offensive Expansion pack
Name : wcanka_aweuo (Additional War Effects for United Offensive)
Version: 1.0 beta 2
Author : Bell
Site : http://www.awemod.com/
Forum : http://forum.awemod.com/

If you think this mod has brought new life into your CoD server and got
a few dollars(or euros) to spend, go here: http://www.awemod.com/?selected=donations

Call of Duty UO stock gametypes

Mortar, hitblip, cvardef and spawnmodel - Ravir (http://demolition.codcity.org/)

Bomber planes - Pharao_FS (http://www.pharao-fs.de.vu/)

Parachutes, tracers, skyflashes code - Parts (http://www.vs-uk.net/)
laserdot and welcome message are based
on Total War 2.3a
getStance() function - "

Painscreen, bloodyscreen, bleeding, - Chris P (http://www.mercilessmod.com)
taunts, and the bleeding effect are based
on Merciless Blood Mod.

Mobile MG42 and mobile PTRS41 is based on - RedMercury, Hellspawn
RedMercury and Hellspawns mobileMG42 mod

Drop Weapon on arm/hand hit is based on - Poolmaster (http://ediv.codfiles.com)
Merciless but propably origins from
Poolmasters Realism Mod (PRM)

Alternate position for team status - Pethron

Reflection formula in bounceObject() - Hellspawn

Searching for useable sounds in stock CoD - Vicool

Code to disable secondary weapon - Zeus[BTY]

Snow effect is loosely based on the one -
used in the map FU-Flint

Jeep respawn wait time, basehealth fix - #7 (Number 7)

Tank limiting - [MW]gitman

British taunts - DirtyRat

Enhanced parachuting and stuka sounds - DetPak

The rest - Bell (http://www.awemod.com/)

Suggestions, ideas, feedback and inspiration - All the people in the various CoD forums

Webhosting of AWE website and forums - TyphoonServers (http://www.typhoonservers.com/)

- Effects from Ravir's Demolition (Mortars and hitblip)

- C47 planes flying by on all stock maps and should work on most custom maps too.

- Teamkill and/or teamdamage detection with different punishments.

- Camping detection and marking of campers.

In teamplay the camper will be marked with a headicon that flashes between team headicon
and a star, and marked on the compass with an objective icon that flashes between a team
radio icon and the default objective icon.

In deathmatch the camper will be marked with the default objective icon on the compass
and the headicon will flash been a star and a crosshair.

- Override grenade count

- Search & destroy bomb timer

- Grenade warnings ("Grenade!")

- Random maprotation

- Force/disable weapons (for example: disable grenades, assign fg42 as secondary weapon etc.)

- Parachuting

- Spawn protection

- Tracers

- Skyflashes

- Mobile MG42s

- Helmet popping

- Painscreen

- Weapon drop on hand/arm hit

- Blood splatter on screen

- Change allies team, or make it random

- Swap teams for each round in round based gametypes

- Server messages

- Crosshair disabling

- Trip on foot and/or leg hit

- Stukas

- Laserdot

- Warmup round in roundbased gametypes

- Head popping

- Parts of Ravirs admin tools available for all gametypes (everything but kicktospec should work)

- Bleeding

- Taunts

- Tripwire

- Rain/Snow

- Disable minefields

Installation for stock gametypes (, Conquest TDM and Demolition)
Copy the following files to your "Call of Duty\uo" folder:

Installation for clients (optional)
Copy wcanka_aweuo_v1.0_clientside.pk3 or wcanka_aweuo_v1.0_clientside_plus.pk3
to your uo folder. This is a mod with soundaliases and modified effects.
You'll need it on the the client to get the wind sound while parachuting,
the plane sounds and the explosion sounds from the skyflashes.
It'll also enable rain/snow and dripping bleeding.

The plus version contains enhanced sounds for parachuting and stukas crashes aswell
as british taunts.


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