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the great escape
Downloaded 983 times
a small singleplayer map this is my first attempt at sp mapping if someone would like to say anything about this map please do so as its the only way i will learn..

by lazygit aka WaRmongR () (website)


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I just opened the door and rammed him! I pushed him back, grabbed the luger, and shot him until I ran out of ammo...then saved=P
Posted by 94sniper on Sat. Oct. 13, 2007
to be totaly honest getting out that cell is a piece of cake wait till the gaurd is at a good distance press your use key the door will open  grab the lugar and kill the gaurd what could be easier
Posted by lazygit on Tue. Apr. 18, 2006

awsome maping, very chalanging map... gave me a hard time, NICKE JOB!


Posted by chuckyx12 on Sat. Apr. 15, 2006
looks good but how are you supposed to get out of the first room, is it just a case of waiting??
Posted by {MBC}Cpl_Bee on Sun. Oct. 30, 2005

nice mapping...

but where exactly is the end of the game?

cause i killed everybody and ended in the big house... from there there's no way further....

Anyway, Nice and diffucult map..


Posted by tha-RicharD on Sat. Apr. 2, 2005
its alot better than any of my maps
Posted by predieanalien on Mon. Jan. 24, 2005

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