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ALPHA Team Mod
Downloaded 59 times
ALPHA team Mod
Created by Simon Song "NomisGnos"

Just spawn em by using commands of CTRL+ALT+ ~ and type:

spawn char_marine_machinegun
spawn char_marine_shield
spawn char_marine_shotgun

They act like a zombie monster but help you out...try out tinmans program too you might like it better then mine. Someone post this file up if you want I don't give a crap.

If you want to use my code you have permission but email me at NomisGnos@hotmail.com to tell me where its going. You can modify it but comment that it was from me and rektek.

you might see some other additions or prolly not...like characters talking to each other, crawl, jump, climb ladders, etc. but if someone else does it before well then there you go...i just made it for the fun of it. didnt think it was more like competition.

To install simply put the PK4 file into your DOOM3 Base dir.
Or create a ALPHAMOD dir into DOOM3 dir and put the PK4 in these dir.

Simply delete the file alphaMOD.pk4 from your Base dir.
If you create a new dir called AlphaMOD, simply delete it.

The TINMAN mod was created prolly before and I did not know about it so I wouldn't have made this mod if I knew in the first place it was out already :( ...so I made this and blah there you go...

NomisGnos: ME
Rektek for his program of the sentry
any others i forgotten

by NomisGnos


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