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Classic DOOM Shotgun
Downloaded 22 times
Classic DOOM shotgun for Doom ]|[
Author: Edward "Arcanum" Huyer

This is a mod that makes the shotgun in Doom 3 act more like the shotgun in the original Doom, and less like the double-barreled shotgun from Doom 2.

The rate of fire of the shotgun is increased significantly, and the pellet spread is reduced from a 22(!) degree cone to a 7 degree cone. To help keep the weapon balanced, the number of pellets the shotgun fires is reduced to 7 from 13, and the reload time is doubled (one shell is loaded per reload animation instead of two). Zombies can readily be killed in one good hit, or 2-3 average hits (depending on zombie type), while it usually takes 2-3 solid body hits to take down an imp, though a good headshot will take them down in one.

The shotgun zombies also had their shotguns tweaked to act more like yours in terms of spread (damage is unchanged). (Interestingly, their shotguns already fired 7 pellets in a 5 degree cone. They now fire them in a 7 degree cone.)

by Edward "Arcanum" Huyer (email)


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isn´t this cheating?


doing an own weapons pack, reading others for new ideas, but if i read things like "I increased Damage and so on...blabla" i get some kind of brain cancer...

I had finished Doom3 on éach difficulty without any modifications so i can´t understand for what this increased damage is needed...

Better try aiming than modding weapons...!

With dark greets,


Posted by on Wed. Jun. 22, 2005

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