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Easy Grenade Toss v0.3
Downloaded 10 times
| |
| Easy Grenade Toss v0.3 |
| |
| Made By: Psycho_Munky (psycho_munky_@hotmail.com) |
| |

Extract the folder to your Doom 3 folder (eg. x:\Program Files\Doom 3\), then select "EasyGrenadeToss" from the mod menu. Works in MP and SP.

- Right Click to quickly toss a grenade.

- Currently you can't hold it down to throw farther or light, every throw is thrown at the same strength.

- Grenade also made less bouncy.

- I also plan on adding a number of grenades left indicator onto the hud.

Fixed: Didn't always return to the correct weapon after throwing the grenade.

Fixed: Grenades can't be scrolled to any more.

Known Bugs: There are some bugs if you have auto switch on, so if you plan on using this mod turn it off.

by Psycho_Munky (email)


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