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Medal Of Honor
CoD4 SP Mapping
Deleting enemy corpses
CoD4 SP Mapping
Dynamic materials
CoD2 General


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AK 74 Reskin (Muzzlefire style & Sound)
Downloaded 8 times
Refinished in worn metal. Muzzlefire style and size changed as you see. Sound is different and empty shell case sound included.

Install: Copy pk3 file under Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix/base/mp folder.
Uninstall: Delete file.

My e-mail changed to:

My other SOF2 DH files:

-MSG 90 A1 AWP reskin
-Micro Uzi reskin
-US Socom reskin
-M4/M203 reskin
-CS SOF2 Menu
-RTCW Bunkers add-on for mp_dust map


by Leon (email)


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