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Dirty Thug's Supreme Realism Weapon Mod
Downloaded 293 times
DIRTY_THUG supreme realism weapon mod

all weapon values are based on stuff like bullet weight, muzzle velocity, weight, length, barrel length etc... in order to make them
as realistic as possible (much math was involved). it takes away the hip position reticile and changes some of the damage percentages
for different body parts. weapons have less ammo than the default and they all have a move speed scale of 1. the fg42 is selectable on
brecourt, carentan and dawnville. all grenades have their real approximate fuse time. i does LOTS of other changes to the weapons that
im too lazy to list.

to install place the .pk3 into the main folder.

by Dirty Thug


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server or client
Is this a server or a client mod?
Posted by sbh on Thu. Apr. 21, 2005

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