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Cod Names V 1.2
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//This Mod\\

This mod is version 1.2 of my Band of Brothers Names for Call of duty. This corrects some
incorrectly spelled names, and also inlcudes a few more names.
Newly added names are:
Lt. Dike
Lt. Foley
Cpt. Sobel
Sgt. Kiehn

//Production Tools and Info\\

Tools used in the making of this mod are Pakscape and Notepad.


To install, unzip the .pk3 to your "Main" folder.
To uninstall, just delete or remove the .pk3.


Credits go mainly to me; I don't really have anyone else to credit.

//Contact Information\\

If you have any questions, comments, hate mail, here's how you can catch me!

E-mail/MSN: bobgoestowork@hotmail.com

AIM: fallschirmschutz

YIM: bill_guarnere_506thpir


I am still looking for skinners able to skin Band of Brothers characters. If anyone would
be willing to help, please do not hesitate to e-mail or instant message me.

by Randy Bob (email)


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