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FG42/MP44 Weapon Addon Mod for COD
Downloaded 361 times
FG42/MP44 Weapon Addon Mod for COD
Created by MPowell1944

Description :

This mod adds an extra weapon to the Axis team and an extra weapon to the Russian team. The FG42 has now been added to the Axis weapons menu as selection #5. The MP44 has now been added to the Russian weapons menu as selection #3. This mod is client/server. If you join a server that is running this mod, and you do not have it, your game will not be messed up in anyway, you just will not see the changes. However, if you have the mod and the server does not, you will not be able to select the additional weapons even though they show up on the menus.

Installation :

Put the .pk3 file in your cod/main folder. Remove to uninstall.

Additional :

1. In order to see the FG42 on the menu, the weapon must be allowed on the server. Admins can do this by setting the cvar SCR_ALLOW_FG42 to 1 in the console.

2. This mod was originally made for the Firing Squad =Fs= clan server run by Hobbs. The mod is currently running on the server, so if you would like to see it in action, stop by and check it out. The server IP is

Contacts :

Email - MikePowell1944@aol.com
AIM - MikePowell1944


by MPowell1944 (email)


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