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Aquais Cartoon Skins
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Aquais Cartoon Skins


Installation: Put any of the PK3 files in to your Call of Duty>Main Folder depending on which team you want to have cartoon guns.
Uninstall: Remove the pk3 file


Basically this is very unrealistic but i thought i would have a laugh one day and just edited all the skins to cartoon effects.
It makes the graphics look similar to the game XIII and think if someone could edit the whole game it would be quite cool.
But it's a one off play thing for me, i won't be keeping it in my main folder myself but some of you may like it.( It would be great if someone could make a whole map like this if there's any budding mappers out there.
The skins were edited using adobe photoshop if anyone cares...


Many thanks to Fubah, some of his skins edited, and T.Hunter, whose Realistic Kar98k skin was edited, Moss Mantid whose bloody gloves were cartoonified. Thanks you guys, you rock!


Comments or ideas to: Pm me on the www.vs-uk.net message boards.


Other files by me (Available for download):
Aquai's Sound Mod V1.5 (Sent same day as this)
Aquai's Sound Mod 1.0 (Already available but very buggy)
Official VS-UK Sound Mod (In beta testing) (Partner in crime: [VS-UK]Rhythm-Switch)

Files i've made, unavailable for download but PM me for them, maybe on site soon:
Classic Thompson Skin
Rusty Thompson Skin
M1 Carbine Skin
M1 Garand Skin
German Hand Grenade
British Hand Grenade
Colt45 Skin
Luger Skin


If anyone is interested in making some personallised skins i maybe able to do so if you take the time to come and find me.



Find me on [VS-UK] servers or come to our website.

by Pvt.Aquai


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