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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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MOHAA Textures to CoD
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-Dev's CoD Mapping Resource 1.0-

This version of DMR1.0 for Call of Duty has taken most of the models and textures from the EA game Metal of Honor: Allied Assult for you Call of Duty mapping pleasure.

also included in this version of DMR CoD 1.0 I have added my newly finished mp level for CoD called Hedgrow and will be installd once you exstract all the DMR's files.

by Devin Ray Olsen aka UbH-IceIst


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please make an update including the krupp k4 railgun from breakthrough and its shells, the radio tower, the fuel trucks, destroyed churchill, wrecked c47 and waco parts, italian howitzer, recoiless rifle, l-4 grasshopper wreck, metal detector, sherman crab, some more general models from mohaa and its addons, if you can include some from PA, the battleship and ptboat models would be cool, torpedoes, (note, from aa, the hull/conning tower and all models pertaining to the uboats) the USS Nautilus model, p38, pby catalina
would be awesome if you could make these things available to COD and all
Posted by Major_Lowrey on Fri. Sep. 3, 2010
how do you convert a .tik to xmodel. how did you do it? tell me please because i want mohaa spearheads c47 interior model!
Posted by stoofphen on Mon. Jan. 5, 2009
Please make an update or something with all the deadbodies from mohhaa to cod, please?
Posted by stoofphen on Tue. Dec. 9, 2008

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