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Arnhem V2
Downloaded 1916 times
Author- {--ADIGA--}Clan
Made possible by Superman, Bloody, and Talon
Inspiration by {--ADIGA--}Sgt>>>MASH

Visit adigaclan.com CoD server

Install the pk3 in CoD/main

To uninstall remove the pk3 from the CoD/main folder place in a shoebox and bury in the backyard.

Many Thanks to Cyion from I.W. Nation for all the help.

This is the 2nd and final version of Arnhem-a bridge to far

map fixes include
-models (ie. tanks, trucks, cars)
-realistic environment (ie. power lines, trees, bushes)
-fixed spawn points for search and destroy, allies will spawn close to objectives.
-many atmospheric changes with fx and scripting
-changes to buildings include, Hotel, scaling to supermans dream house, changed some textures,
-added custom textures, in church, pictures in Hotel and Allies Headquartes outside texture.
-fixed terrain mesh East field (rip in terrain)
-added trench for Germans overtaking Hotel Objective.
-added cover for axis side of bridge (less sniping south to north down bridge.)
-remodeled church interior
-remodeled school interior
-opened some existing buildings and added buildings.

by {--ADIGA--} Clan (website)


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