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AK74 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle 7.62 mm x 51
Downloaded 22 times
:: AK74 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle 7.62 mm x 51 ::


A) Documentation

This is for those of you who find the AK74 bayonet rather unsightly. The skin can also be edited further, should you want, to resemble an AK47 Kalashnikov. This skin is compatible with most sevrvers. Added a metallic handle as well for detail's sake. Even with no bayonet it can still pack a punch! Enjoy!


B) Installation

1) Extract all contents of ak74nb.zip into your base/mp SoF2 directory.
2) The following files should now be in the said directory:
- ak74.pk3
- inv.pk3
3) The readme and screenshot file can be discarded or moved as you wish.
4) To reactivate the bayonet, simply delete inv.pk3 from your base/mp SoF2 directory.

C) Uninstallation

1) Delete ak74.pk3 and inv.pk3 from your base/mp SoF2 directory.


by SuperFly (email)


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