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Babe Flags
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FILE: user_skarecrow_babe1_flags
AUTHOR: James Lehman Jr. of Kentucky
PLAYER NAME: -]DKA[-SkA|2EC|2oW (of Death Knight Assassins Clan)
CONTACT ME VIA: YAHOO! Messenger Skarecrow_Skins , ICQ 163547141 , OR ON AIM hydrovenom1
E-MAIL: Skarecrow_Skins@yahoo.com

ABOUT ME: I'm 18 live in Kentucky STATE (USA). I'm a 'novice' skinner. I can't do people yet
I'd like to though, and map as well but I'd rather play games than figure out how to work the
map maker.

It is a FLAG SKIN .pak3 for Soldier of Fortune 2. It has 2 very pretty women on the flags
instead of the ol' team icon. I got these pictures off the net, and edited them in Paint Shop
Pro, so that they were still obviously blue or red. (So you dont have to be right on the flag
to see the chick and know which it is).
I was digging around for guns to edited when I came upon the FLAG, PACK, TNT, and BOMB SITE
X skins. I have edited Bomb X and Pack also. But this is my testing skin; I want to see how
my fellow gamers like my skins.

Comments and ideas are welcome.
I enjoy skining, and would very much be willing to take down a few ideas, and give props to
the creative mind a take up an idea from.

Ok we got our violence, we just needed pretty babes to save :p. I seen another one sof2files.com
and it looked nice, but I like these chicks way better.;)

NEWS: BET YOUR ASS YOU WILL SEE SOME MORE FROM ME! Maybe not as much as fragger though ;)

by DKA[-SkA|2EC|2oW (email)


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