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Very cool map. Very RTCW like. You just need to repack it, because there's something wrong with the .iwd file.
And some extra autosaves dont do any harm.
Posted by 3st0nian on Tue. Mar. 31, 2009
To get map to load
The files is in a winrar,so you got to get in a iwd files. You need Pakscape to make the rar file to a iwd file. Download the game file. When you open the winzip, you will see a winzip files zzz_crypts. Open that with winrar archiver.You will see one more winrar,open that and you will see a files folder name zzz_crypts and inside there some more files,like sound, map etc. Next you need to make a iwd or pk3. The easy way, is go in call of duty2 main, and copy any game iwd file. Copy to the desktop, and now open that file that you copy with the pakscape. Delete all the files that is in there. Next, copy the files that you open with the winrar archiver in there. { like sound, map etc. } Close the file, and next right click on the file and rename it: zzz_crypts.iwd. Put it in your main. That it { You can download a PakScape on the internet,by typeing PakScape }
Posted by Gary1957 on Mon. Mar. 30, 2009
Load map????

map crypts2 - not load map

pls help.
Posted by death00 on Mon. Mar. 30, 2009

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