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How to create custom main menu loadscreen
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I'm showing very simple version how to edit main menu loadscreen. Thanks to Gagarin.
I'm showing very simple version how to edit main menu loadscreen

First, you need something that will open up .iwd files. WinZip, WinRar or other archive tool. I'm using pakScape

Now, before you go any farther, you must have photoshop or paint shop pro, with a DDS plugin.

photoshop and paint shop pro dds plugin: http://chalice.planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/files/dds.8bi or

Next you will need an iwi to dds converter, as well as a dds to iwi converter:

iwi to dds: http://www.modsonline.com/Downloads-full-3110.html

dds to iwi: http://www.modcod4.com/ (registration needs)

Now for the editing:


1. First, open pakscape and locate your call of duty 4 main folder (default is C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare). At the bottom where it says "Files of type"... select "All Files". Now open iw_00.iwd

1.1. Go to "images" folder. Now, locate files, beggining at "bg_....". There is 8 files. I'm showing simple variant, so i take file "bg_front2.iwi"

1.2. Ok. Now take this file and put into folder with both converters. Then drag and drop file to ddstoiwi.exe

1.3 After a few seconds, a file should appear in the same folder as the converter, named bg_front2.iwi_out.dds and it will obviously be in .dds form. Now open file with PhotoShop and with "default size"

1.4 Now u can modify image as you wish. After that, we must save image : DXT5, NO MIPMAPS, 2D. And with name "bg_front2.dds". Surely, .dds size image must be binary (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048). So, our image 1024x512

1.5 Now we have changed bg_front2.dds. Time to convert it to .iwi. Drag and drop to "dds2iwi-cod4.exe" file. After few second we turn out file named "bg_front2.iwi"


Now I'm showing, how to create custom loadscreen with simple mod

2. Choose any image and open with photoshop

2.1 Change image size to 1024x1024

2.2 Change picture as you wish. Save and convert to .iwi. Now we can pack file into iw_00.iwd, but we trying create mod

2.3 Create folder "images". Put changed bg_front2.iwi inside folder. Now pack this folder to a .Zip using WinZip

2.4 IMPORTANT ! After patch 1.4 game doesn't read custom files from main folder. But if the file will be beggining "iw_....." , game "undertood" file. So, our name is "iw_zzz_menu_mod.zip". Now change format from .zip to .iwd

2.5 Put "iw_zzz_menu_mod" to the main folder and launch game

2.6 Result

Surely u can take any of this 8 files and change them. I hope this helps...

Tutorial writing by Vsevolod "Gagarin" Vinogradov

P.S. Sorry for very bad english. I'm trying =)

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